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> Lord Iaen,
> I wasn't asking Star to weigh in on Guardians or Bella Luce. The Shire of
> Seawinds has the Company of the Sable Ram, which recognizes people for
> exceptional service. It is somewhat similar to the Guardians of the Gate,
> only, the Shire is usually not polled. The company members make the
> selections on their own. I was simply asking Star for her opinion.. Sorry
> for any confusion my post might've made.
> Jayme

I personally like the idea of simple, non-armigerous, non-registered thank you's from a branch,
where an individual may receive several of them, not just one - like the Barony of Elfsea's 'Ant'
award, for those worker drones that keep on working (though don't know if I've seen this given out
of late). 

Barony of the Steppes has the 'Acorn' award, also non-armigerous, which ties into their armigerous
Order of the Oak, as 'from little Acorn's, Oaks will grow'.   

If you consider your insignia for the award, you can come up with little charms that can be
collect, like the Acorn shape as a charm on a cord; think about how the award/thankyou can be
utilized if worn.  Don't forget, not everything has to have a scroll, either. 

Cheers, Hillary Greenslade
Star Signet (head-scribally person)

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