[ANSTHRLD] Shires and Thank Yous

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okstate.edu
Tue Nov 15 07:01:40 PST 2005

>Further to what Jayme said, you might even remind the people of your 
local group that you have a
>copy of the OP (you do have a copy right?) and would be happy to look up 
names to see what awards
>people already have for them.  It's amazing how many people don't know 
where the OP is online - I
>can only assume this is true based on all the times people have aske me, 
"Does John Doe have this
>award?", "What awards does Jane Doe have?".  :)

Alternatively, the local herald (or a designated deputy) could create a 
*local* roll of precedence. Make it available on line and make sure it 
gets published in the local newsletter before the big local event(s).  In 
fact I actually keep two versions of local lists -- one is the current 
active members and one encompasses all members that have ever lived in our 
group and have either moved away/become inactive/died/or are still there.

deputy herald of precedence of Mooneschadowe for, what, ten years? twelve? 

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