[ANSTHRLD] Shires and Thank Yous

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okstate.edu
Tue Nov 15 12:15:18 PST 2005

>As for local RPs: I don't want to dump water on people's enthusiasm,
>but I think that the local keeping track of the kingdom awards is too
>much duplicated work.  The local *should* keep track of local suff,
>because nobody else is.

The main reason I started the local OP was because it was stated as a 
necessary item for group advancement*. So not believing I should do all 
that work and then nothing with it, I kept it up to date. And now, ten 
years later, it was ready and waiting for the Province push. So any group 
contemplating a group status change would be well advised, imho, to have 
the local OP already done and ready to use. 

>Note that this is not just good for one person to ask about another --
>it's good for one person to check on their own stuff and correct

Very good - and it helps to have a local deputy check it all too.


*I have seen both Wiesenfeuer's and Northkeep's old OPs. But I don't know 
that anyone has kept them up to date.

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