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Wed Nov 16 21:06:07 PST 2005

On Wed, 16 Nov 2005, Deborah Sweet <dssweet at okstate.edu> wrote:
> In the following device, I read the bear as argent. Or is multicolor
> correct?
> Gareth of Gelderland|8407X|d|Per chevron argent and azure, an anvil, an
> anvil reversed, and a bear rampant
> counterchanged.||ANVIL|BEAST-BEAR:1:multicolor|FIELD:multicolor
> neutral:~argent:~and azure|PC:argent:pl:t1:~and azure

I interpret it as argent too.

> What is the correct spelling of contourny? Or is that it?

8/03 LoAR Cover Letter:

    In some cases, a member of the College requests a systematic
    reblazon of some style of blazon which is not at all likely to
    cause an error in the emblazon, although examples of the blazon
    style in the Armorial and Ordinary may cause new heralds to
    emulate the undesirable blazon style. For example, despite the
    fact that (everyone, sing in unison!)  "there is no 'e' in
    contourny", the SCA has registered a number of blazons using
    contourney. We have received one request to correct all the
    "contourney" spellings. So far, we have not acceded to this
    request, because contourney is interpreted correctly by heralds
    and scribes and the submitters may not wish the blazon to be

> The following are items that need correcting, as far as I can
> ascertain.  Should they all go to Morsulus Herald?

As far as I can tell, they are all errors in Ordinary classification /
categorization.  CoA Admin Handbook VI.2:

    2. Corrections to the Armorial and Ordinary not involving errors
       in a Letter of Acceptance and Return may be requested in
       writing to the Morsulus Herald. Requests for correction should
       not be included on letters of intent or letters of comment and
       need not be circulated to the membership of the College of Arms
       prior to action. Such requests may be made by any member of the
       College of Arms.

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