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Fri Nov 18 11:11:43 PST 2005

On Fri, 18 Nov 2005, Deborah Sweet <dssweet at okstate.edu> wrote:
> Maintaining / grasping / charged with / gorged/ etc
> So what merits a listing in the O&A? I've seen several with maintained
> items that have not been listed and some that have.
> Arrangement - beast & monster - addorsed / combattant / respectant
> These should all be listed, right? I've found several that aren't.

Morsulus Herald maintains the Ordinary and the Armorial.  Perhaps you
should go to the Morsulus Wiki at
<http://www.morsulus.org/cgi-data/wiki.pl>?  I've not seen it, so I
don't know what's on it.  Or e-mail him at herveus at radix.net ?  He can
give you answers for such questions.

Danet de Lyncoln
"Me, I love the USA; I never miss an episode." -- Paul "Fruitbat" Sleigh
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