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(What, do we get to give you the use-name of "Estrill Sharp-Eye" in addition 
to all your other descriptives?)

If the maintained/grasping/etc. is visually discernable (the "across the 
room / field/ten-foot" test), if should certainly be included in the blazon 
IMNSHO.   Frex, in my own [pending] device, the jesses/ribbons AND tassel 
are all significant while the vervels may not be:  the tassel distinguishes 
a falconer's gauntlet from other types of hand-covering, while the grasped 
jesses/ribbons are a distinctive tertiary BUT the vervels -- the small rings 
at the end that create the distinction between falconry jesses and simple 
ribbons -- have long been ruled an artistic embellishment of the tertiary.

As far as the relative positioning of multiple beasts or monsters, my 
personal feeling is that this should absolutely be included -- otherwise, we 
miss the CVD as opposed to the standard-posture critters all facing the same 
direction.  "Argent two bears sable" has an obvious visual difference of at 
least half the charge group from "Argent two bears combatant sable". 
(Someone more current or with better memory than I: the default position of 
an heraldic bear is statant? affronty erect? other?)

Adieu, Amra / ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe

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> Maintaining / grasping / charged with / gorged/ etc
> So what merits a listing in the O&A? I've seen several with maintained
> items that have not been listed and some that have.
> Arrangement - beast & monster - addorsed / combattant / respectant
> These should all be listed, right? I've found several that aren't.
> Estrill
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