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As original consulting herald on several of these, I do want to comment upon 
at least one directly:

> ?In compass star?:
> Katherine Marie Yvonne Jetté|8008X|d|Vert, a lightning flash fesswise
> throughout Or between in pale a horse's head couped argent and in compass
> star a bezant between eight billets Or.||ARRANGEMENT-IN
> ANNULO:8:or:second|BILLET AND
> DELF:8:or:second|FIELD:vert|HEAD-BEAST,HORSE:1:argent:second|LIGHTNING
> FLASHES:1:or:spna|ROUNDEL:1:or:pl:second:unc|VT

What alternative do we currently have for <item> between <items "radiating" 
but not conjoined to>, when there is not an obvious orientation for the 
radiants AND a need to imply separation of the radiants from the centroid?

Frex, with the infamous "coneys, heads to center and ears conjoined", there 
is an obvious center of radiation.  With the billets radiating from the 
roundel, four of which (corresponding to the cardinal points of a compass) 
were elongated, we found at the time that there was a question of how to 
describe the separation.  As I currently recall (normal caveats as to 
fallible memory, and I am separated from parts of my paper files on this 
submission by over 200 miles), we also considered variations upon "eight 
billets radiating from [but not conjoined to] a bezant", and suggested that 
the arrangement be described as a "Jett{e'} star" afterward -- and the 
consensus at the time was that *that* would have either strongly implied 
that the billets be conjoined to (touching) the bezant or be unacceptable 
for whatever reasons then appertained.

(I have ALWAYS had a soft spot in my heart for this device - Katherine 
[Cathie Jett] presented a very nice rendering to begin with, was very 
receptive to the few suggestions we could make, and made use of the results 
in various later displays *appropriately*.  Note that this was also 
submitted on the ancient alternate form "for women only", and the rendition 
on the diamond-shape was rather distinctive in itself.)

Adieu, Amra / ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe

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> I'm not quite sure what to do with this list, but thought I'd post it
> here.
> Here is a listing of old armory with items that the CoH no longer
> registers. These items are from 1979 to 1984. I believe all are
> categorized correctly.  Do with it what you will.
> Estrill

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