[ANSTHRLD] Second Part of incorrectly categorized armory (85-89)

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okstate.edu
Wed Nov 23 13:43:22 PST 2005

So here's yet more armory with missing or incorrect categorizations. I 
welcome any corrections to my assumptions. I will be posting this list to 
Morsulus' web site after any commenting by others on this list (or in 
other words would either Emma or Daniel look up the last item and see 
whether it's the beast or the monster, or both [shudder]).


Two Dragons, not one:
Arthfael o Frynmawr|8505X|d|Vert, a sword between two flaunches embattled 
argent, each charged with a dragon passant gules.||DRAGON:1:gules:passant 

Lure is missing?:
Thomas Red Hawke|8610X|d|Azure, a red-tailed hawk in light phase striking 
affronty proper, on a base embattled gules fimbriated a hawk's lure 

Compass Star is missing?:
Edwina Dirks Sterne|8606X|d|Vert, a snowy owl close contourny and on a 
chief argent a compass star, elongated to fess, 
azure.||BIRD:1:argent:close to sinister:owl:spna|CHIEF:above 1 argent 

Double listing of bird, twice:
Alanna of Ravenwood|8612X|b|Argent, fretty, a raven volant to sinister 
sable.||AR|BIRD:1:debruising:raven:sable:volant to 
sinister|BIRD:1:raven:sable:spna:volant to 

Alanna of Ravenwood|8705X|b|Per bend sinister argent, fretty sable, and 
sable, in bend a raven volant to sinister and a lightning flash bendwise 
sinister surmounted by a turtle tergiant palewise argent.|(JB: Sean de 
Carew)|BIRD:1:argent:debruising:raven:volant to 
sinister|BIRD:1:argent:gpna:raven:volant to sinister|FIELD:multicolor 
neutral:~ argent:~and sable|LIGHTNING FLASHES|PBS:argent:pl:~and 

Two Dragons (not one) & Missing Arrangement ? Beast & Monster ? Combattant
Nevell Landswalker|8812X|d|Argent, a sword inverted gules, hilted sable, 
between two dragons combattant, that to dexter sable, that to sinister 
gules, their tails twined in base about the blade of the sword, all within 
a bordure per pale gules and sable.||AR|BORDURE:multicolor:pl:unc:~ 

Raven is argent, not Or:
Branwen Scholastica|8803X|d|Azure, a raven volant argent between three 
acorns slipped and leaved and a demi-sun issuant from base 
Or.||AZ|BIRD:1:or:raven:spna:volant to 

Chief is charged; Cross crosslet fleury is missing:
Ellisena de Bayonne|8803X|d|Or, a winged sea-dragon erect vert and on a 
chief gules a cross crosslet fleury concave 
argent.||CHIEF:gules:pl:unc|FIELD:or|MONSTER-SEA DRAGON AND SEA 

Panthers are missing
Elizabeth Harcourt|8903X|d|Argent, two natural panthers combattant 
guardant, tails entwined to base, sable, in chief a rose 

So are they beasts or monsters? & Missing Arrangement ? B&M - Respectant
Ivan von Kleist|8901X|d|Sable, a chevron engrailed between two sea lions, 
erect and respectant, and a compass star, all within a bordure 
Or.||BEAST-SEAL AND SEA LION|BORDURE:or:pl:surrounding 1 
LION|SA|STAR:1:of 8:or:second:t2:unc

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