[ANSTHRLD] Third part - 1990 - Incorrectly categorized or missing armory

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okstate.edu
Wed Nov 23 13:52:53 PST 2005

Now for the bad news - in 1990 & , at least 1991, any item that was, for 
example on a chief, a bend, a saltire, etc, was probably not listed. And 
this is only the armory that has beasts in it. I don't like contemplating 
what that means on the grand scale of things.

Again I welcome corrections to my assumptions.


2 Spears missing:
Berengaria Rossi|9010X|b|(Fieldless) Two spears in saltire sable 
surmounted by a European brown bear's head erased facing to sinister 
proper. [Ursus arctos]||HEAD-BEAST,BEAR|INSA:2:g2pna:sable:t6|NO

3 Escallops missing:
Girard Antoine de Beauchamps|9012X|d|Per pale counter-ermine and ermine 
two dolphins urinant respectant argent and sable and on a chief vert three 
escallops inverted 
fur:~and fur|PPALE:fur:pl:~and ermine

Two dragons, not one:
Berand of Bangor|9011X|d|Quarterly gules and argent, a cross pointed 
throughout between in bend two crosses formy and in bend sinister two 
dragons passant all counterchanged.||CRAC:2:argent:second|CROSS:1:complex 
line:multicolor neutral:unc|DRAGON:1:gules:second:t1|FIELD:multicolor 
neutral:~ argent:~and gules|QLY:gules:pl:~and argent|STAR:1:multicolor:of 

3 Towers missing:
Tuathal O'Kane|9010X|d|Azure, a griffin couchant argent, on a chief Or 
three towers gules.||AZ|CHIEF:above 1 argent 

Bown knot missing & Arrangement ? Respectant missing:
Kendrick Griffenfeld of House Gryphon's Lair|9009X|d|Gules, chapé argent 
ermined gules, two gryphons statant respectant wings elevated and 
addorsed, tails conjoined in a Bowen knot crosswise argent.||FIELD 
TREATMENT-SEME (ERMINED):gules|FIELD:multicolor:~ fur:~and 
gules|GRIFFIN:2:argent:group primary:t1|PC:fur:pl:t2:~and gules

Decrescent missing:
Arthur Blackmoon|9009X|d|Sable, on a sinister hand Or a decrescent sable, 
a bordure Or.||BORDURE:or:pl:surrounding 1 only:unc|FIELD:sable|HAND AND 

3 Crescents missing:
Peregrine of the Crescent Hawks|9002X|d|Per chevron Or and gules, three 
hawks close counterchanged, on a chief nebuly gules, three crescents 
Or.||BIRD:3:close to dexter:eagle:gpna:multicolor 
neutral|CHIEF:charged:gules:nebuly|FIELD:multicolor neutral:~ gules:~and 
or|PC:or:pl:t1:~and gules

3 Crosses crosslet fitchy missing:
Aislinn of Cravenhest|9004X|d|Azure, on a fess argent, three crosses 
crosslet fitchy azure, in chief a hind's head erased argent, ermined 

Stick shuttle missing:
Sindra Gunhild Sigmundsdottir|9009X|d|Vert, a hippopotamus rampant between 
in chief two roses argent, on a chief Or a stick shuttle 

Hounds are respectant not combattant:
Connal Albannach|9004X|d|Per chevron gules and sable, a chevron rompu 
between in chief two hounds salient respectant and in base in bend a mask 
of tragedy and a mask of comedy, all 
dark:~ gules:~and sable|MASK|MASK:2:or:second|PC:gules:pl:t1:~and sable

3 Roses missing:
Catherine Marie Elisabeth d'Evreux|9003X|d|Vert, a peacock in its pride 
and on a chief invected Or, three roses proper.||BIRD:1:in 

2 Goblets missing:
Taliesin O Sionnaigh o Pholl na tSionnaigh|9006X|d|Sable, a red-haired 
female savage proper, above its dexter palm a trefoil, between two 
flaunches argent each charged with a goblet 

3 Roses missing:
Katherine Sharpe|9009X|d|Azure, a stag trippant argent and on a chief Or 
three roses azure.||AZ|BEAST-DEER AND STAG:1:argent|CHIEF:above 1 argent 

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