[ANSTHRLD] Fourth part - 1991 - Incorrectly or missing categorizations of armory

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okstate.edu
Wed Nov 23 13:54:55 PST 2005

Here's 1991. - Estrill

2 Mullets missing:
Ulfa the Sweet|9111X|d|Purpure, a demi-lion queue forché and on a chief Or 
two mullets of four points sable.||BEAST9DEMI|CAT:1:or:rampant to 
dexter|CHIEF:above 1 or only:charged:or:pl|FIELD:purpure|PU

Dragon is missing:
Sion Glas|9111X|d|Azure, on a bend sinister Or between two double-bitted 
axes argent, a wingless dragon passant contourny reguardant 
gules.||AXE:2:argent:of 2|AZ|BS:1:charged:or:pl|FIELD:azure

Head ? Bird is missing:
Arnolda Kolfinna O'Comhraidhe of Inis Celtra|9105X|d|Argent, on a pale 
endorsed between two oak slips fructed azure, an eagle's head erased and 
facing sinister 

Gunstones missing:
Nicholas Drake|9110X|d|Sable, on a chevron between three hawks' heads 
erased Or three gunstones, all within a bordure 
Or.||BORDURE:or:pl:surrounding 1 

Lion dragon is not winged:
Mooneschadowe, Shire of|9107X|b|(Fieldless) A lion-dragon statant 
contourny Or.||CAT:1:or:sejant to sinister:spa|DRAGON:1:or:rampant to 
sinister:spa:t1|METC:1:or:rampant to sinister:spa:t2|MONSTER-SEA 
LION:1:or:spa|MONSTER9WINGED:1:or:rampant to sinister:spa|NO

3 Crosses missing:
Isabella del Bosque|9112X|d|Vert, a lioness dormant guardant and on a 
chief doubly enarched Or three crosses fleury vert.||CAT:1:couchant to 

Mullet missing:
Fergus Stout|9101X|d|Per pale vert and Or, a massacre counterchanged, on a 
chief triangular sable a mullet 
Or.||CHIEF:charged:sable:triangular|FIELD:multicolor neutral:~ or:~and 
vert|HORN AND ATTIRES|PPALE:pl:vert:~and or

Water bouget missing:
Jonathan Christian Clare|9112X|d|Per fess azure and argent, a plate 
charged with a water bouget gules and a natural panther rampant sable 
platy.||CAT:1:rampant to dexter:sable|FIELD:multicolor neutral:~ 
argent:~and azure|PFESS:azure:pl:~and argent|ROUNDEL:1:argent:charged

Heart & Compass Stars missing:
Queron Devlin O'Brian|9101X|d|Per pale Or and argent, issuing from base a 
phoenix contourny azure rising from flames proper and on a chief azure a 
heart Or between two compass stars 
argent.||CHIEF:azure:charged:pl|FIELD:multicolor light:~ argent:~and 
or|MONSTER-PHOENIX|PPALE:or:pl:~and argent

Seahorse missing:
Eliberio Antolinez Sancho del Mar|9112X|d|Gules, on a sun Or a seahorse 
vert all within a bordure potenty 

Snake missing:
Agnarr Svartormr Thorvaldsson|9111X|d|Sable, on a bend argent a snake 
glissant sable within a bordure 
argent.||BEND:1:argent:charged:pl|BORDURE:argent:pl:surrounding 1 

3 Roses & Gonfannon missing:
Brian Angus McDonald|9101X|d|Azure, a stag passant maintaining a gonfannon 
and on a chief embattled argent three roses azure.||AZ|BEAST-DEER AND 

Rose missing:
Aldwin Greenleaf|9107X|d|Purpure, on a cross moline nowy between four 
unicorn's heads erased argent, a rose 

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