[ANSTHRLD] 1990 & 1991 - non beastiary Armory Problems

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okstate.edu
Tue Nov 29 09:34:46 PST 2005

I couldn't help myself. I had to look at those two years and see just how 
bad it was. Personally I think my favorite item missing is Mooneschadowe's 
laurel wreath - but that's probably just bias.

Here they are in all their glory. As always, I welcome corrections to my 
assumptions.  - Estrill

1990 & 1991 General armory problems

IN PALE - missing
Aelred O'Donohue|9009X|d|Per chevron vert and gules, in pale a triquetra 
and a celtic cross Or.||CRAC:1:group primary:or|FIELD:multicolor dark:~ 
gules:~and vert|PC:pl:t1:vert:~and gules|TRIQUETRA

Thor's hammer - missing
Alix Catlin de Curci|9011X|b|(Fieldless) On an escallop inverted Or a 
Thor's hammer inverted head gules hafted sable.||ESCALLOP:1|NO

2 halberds ? missing; IN SALTIRE ? missing
Amos MacAlpin|9004X|d|Per bend sinister vert and azure, on a covered 
tankard, handle to sinister, argent, two halberds in saltire 
sable.||CUP:1:argent:charged|FIELD:multicolor dark:~ azure:~and 
vert|PBS:pl:vert:~and azure

3 roses ? missing
Angus Mac Taggart|9011X|d|Sable, on a bend sinister rayonny between two 
Maltese crosses argent three roses 

Rose Or ? missing
Ansteorra, Kingdom of|9012X|b|Or a rose sable barbed vert charged with a 
rose Or barbed vert seeded sable within the frame of an Irish harp 
sable.|(For the Premier Bard of 

Antonio Marco Giovanni Bastiano|9011X|d|Per chevron azure and argent, in 
chief five annulets interlaced in chevron Or in base a fleur-de-lys 
sable.||ANNULET:5:group primary:not surrounding:or|FDL:1|FIELD:multicolor 
neutral:~ argent:~and azure|PC:azure:pl:t1:~and argent

Capitalize  'latin'
Barat Fitzwalter Reynolds|9009X|d|Per pale sable and gules, three latin 
crosses clechy argent.||CRAC:3:argent:gpa|FIELD:multicolor dark:~ 
gules:~and sable|PPALE:pl:sable:~and gules

ROUNDEL & STARS ? both multicolor
Branwyn de Grafton|9009X|d|Per pale argent and sable, a chevron cotissed 
between two mullets and a roundel 
counterchanged.||CHEVRON:1:cotised:multicolor neutral:unc|FIELD:multicolor 
neutral:~ argent:~and sable|PPALE:argent:pl:~and 
sable|ROUNDEL:1:argent:pl:second:unc|STAR:2:of 5:sable:t1:unc

PILE ? multicolor
Christian Richard Dupre|9011X|d|Per chevron argent and azure, on a pile 
counterchanged a compass star Or.||FIELD:multicolor neutral:~ argent:~and 
azure|PC:argent:pl:t1:~and azure|PILE:1:charged:pl|STAR:1:of 

3 hourglasses ? missing
Christopher Kirk Dragomani|9007X|d|Per bend sinister gules and sable, on a 
bend sinister argent, three hourglasses palewise sable, in dexter chief a 
quill pen and a rapier in saltire 
argent.||BS:1:argent:charged:pl|FIELD:multicolor dark:~ gules:~and 

2 Crosses ? missing
Eric Greyfox|9009X|d|Per pale argent and vert, a chess rook and on a chief 
wavy two Maltese crosses 
neutral:~ argent:~and vert|PPALE:argent:pl:~and vert

STAR is argent (not vert) & IN PALE ? missing
Graywood, Shire of|9002X|b|Per fess embattled argent and vert, in pale a 
fir tree couped and a compass star counterchanged.||FIELD:multicolor 
neutral:~ argent:~and vert|PFESS:argent:embattled:~and vert|STAR:1:of 
8:t2:unc:vert|TREE-PINE TREE SHAPE

IN PALE ? missing
Graywood, Shire of|9002X|b|Per fess embattled argent and vert, in pale a 
compass star and a fir tree couped counterchanged.||FIELD:multicolor 
neutral:~ argent:~and vert|PFESS:argent:embattled:~and vert|STAR:1:of 
8:t2:unc:vert|TREE-PINE TREE SHAPE

IN PALE ? missing
Graywood, Shire of|9002X|b|Per fess embattled vert and argent, in pale two 
swords in saltire and a compass star counterchanged.||FIELD:multicolor 
neutral:~ argent:~and vert|INSA:2:argent:group 
primary:t1|PFESS:embattled:vert:~and argent|STAR:1:group primary:of 
8:t2:unc:vert|SWORD:2:argent:group primary

Harp ? missing
Hossein Ali Qomi|9009X|d|Gules, on a bezant a harp sable and in chief a 
scimitar fesswise blade to chief all within a bordure 
Or.||BORDURE:or:pl:surrounding 1 

IN SALTIRE ? missing
Isma'il ibn Ihsaan ibn Hassan|9009X|d|Argent, two palm trees in saltire, a 
dexter tierce vert, in chief three crescents inverted 

Bridge ? missing
Jehanne d'Avignon|9011X|d|Azure, three crosses flory and on a chief Or a 
triple-towered bridge crenellated gules.||AZ|CHIEF:above 

4 Shamrocks ? missing
Anne of Ayr|9106X|d|Azure on a fess invected Or four shamrocks 

IN SALTIRE ? missing
Arnolda Kolfinna O'Comhraidhe of Inis Celtra|9111X|b|(Fieldless) A Wake 
knot azure surmounted by two needles in saltire argent.||KNOT AND 

3 Decrescents ? missing
Connor of Skye|9111X|d|Azure, on a bend argent three decrescents palewise 
azure and in sinister chief a dagger inverted 

2 bars -  missing
Elfsea, Barony of|9106X|b|(Fieldless) A keystone embattled on its upper 
edge azure charged with two bars wavy Or.||KEYSTONE|NO

Cross ? missing
Geoffroi de la Marche|9101X|d|Gules, on a saltire engrailed argent a 
Maltese cross gules and in base a lyre 
argent.||FIELD:gules|GU|HARP:1:argent:second|SALTIRE:charged:complex line

3 Harps ? missing
Gillian Grai|9112X|d|Per bend sinister vert and gules, on a bend sinister 
invected Or three harps palewise 
vert.||BS:1:charged:invected:or|FIELD:multicolor dark:~ gules:~and 
vert|PBS:pl:vert:~and gules

Rapier  - missing
Lucas FitzHugh Gray|9105X|d|Azure, three chevronels braced argent, on a 
chief indented Or, a rapier 

3 Gunstones ? missing
Lucius Valentyn Drake|9110X|d|Sable, on a chevron between three fool's 
caps Or three gunstones, all within a bordure 
Or.||BORDURE:or:pl:surrounding 1 

Lymphad ? missing
Lyelf the Lame|9111X|d|Gules, fretty, on a fess Or a lymphad 

Laurel Wreath ? missing
Mooneschadowe, Shire of|9107X|d|Sable, a sun argent, eclipsed sable, and 
on a chief Or, a laurel wreath sable.||CHIEF:above 1 argent 

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