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Clare wrote:
> where can be found info on resubmissions.  Maybe I'm missing it.
> I'm looking in particular for length of time one might resubmit
> arms.

If you want the Laurel diktat, the College of Arms Administrative
Handbook says

    D. Payment of Fees - No submission shall be considered for
    registration until all fees associated with the submission have
    been paid. Such fees are set by kingdom law and policy as required
    to cover the costs of processing submissions. However, no fee may
    be charged for appeals, change of holding name, submission of
    alternate forms for standard titles or designations, proposed
    protection for mundane items, corrections of spelling or blazon or
    resubmissions made within a year of the most recent notification
    of return. The Laurel Office currently charges no fee for
    resubmissions. Kingdoms may charge appropriate fees for
    resubmissions not made in a timely manner after appropriate
    advance notification of this policy in the kingdom newsletter or
    by individual letters to submitters.

Note that most of it doesn't apply just to Laurel but to all levels.
But resubmission fees are only partially constrained by Laurel (nobody
can charge for a resub within a year, so Ansteorra's two years is OK),
but appeals and corrections don't count as resubmissions: appeals and
corrections must always be free at every level.

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