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Wed Aug 2 08:34:44 PDT 2006

> 23. Tiarnán of Bryn Gwlad (Bryn Gwlad)
> [Name] Barony of Bryn Gwlad was registered March 1980.  The Saint Gabriel
> reports have nothing useful about this name.  Report 591 has a warning on
> it and no references to where Tiarnan was found.  Report  1147 states the
> form Tiarnan is modern so it wouldn't be registrable.  A change to Tiernan
> fixes the problem.

[Note: in this message, I'm using / to indicate an accent on the previous 

The change from <Tiarna/n> to <Tiernan> is a language change from Gaelic to 
Anglicized Irish, and is a major change (which the submitter does not allow).

In general, the change from a modern Gaelic form to a period Gaelic form has 
been considered a minor change, but I don't know if there has been any recent 
precedent on this.  

so, to keep it as a minor change, the Modern Gaelic (c1700-present) 
<Tiarna/n> would need to become the Early Modern Gaelic (c1200-c1700) 
<Tighearna/n>.  The Old Irish (c700-c900) and Middle Irish (c900-c1200) form 
of this name was <Tigerna/n>.


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