[ANSTHRLD] Roster Changes

Star - Ansteorra star at ansteorra.org
Thu Aug 3 13:00:33 PDT 2006

Please join me in welcoming Emma de Fetherstan as Bordure Herlad.  She
did a great job taking over Asterisk and has done great work there.
With her move, the decision meeting on the ILoI will also move with
her.  This topic was one of the topics that we covered in the winter
round of Plenary Meetings.  This is a great time to see how that
suggestion will work.

Following Emma is Maria Cabeca de Vaca, our current Retiarius Pursuivant.

To all, please be patient as we transition these offices over the next
few months.  Watch the Gazette and the Blackstar for contact
information changes.

Obelisk is open for bids.  Many thanks go out to Estril for her years
of continued service to the College.

In serivce,

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