[ANSTHRLD] simple armory

Jennifer Smith jds at randomgang.com
Fri Aug 11 09:20:34 PDT 2006

Hedwig wrote: 

> OK so...
> *Per bend Or and vert two dolphins counter-changed *
> does NOT conflict with
> *Per bend Or and vert two towers counter changed*
> or
> *Per bend Or and vert two butterflies counter-changed*

Correct, per X.2, because the type of EVERY primary charge has significantly
changed. (* See below...)

> but it WOULD conflict with
> *Per bend argent and azure two dolphins counter-changed*
> because there is 1CD for the field but no other CD

As someone else pointed out, no, because you get 1 CD for the field
difference (X.4.a.i), and 1 CD for the change of tincture of the primary
charges from vert and Or to azure and argent (X.4.d).

> Also, the "attitude" of the charge (in this case the 
> dolphins) as in niaint,
> hauriant, counter naiant ect. does NOT count for a CD...right?

See X.4.h.  In many cases, you would get a CD for posture changes, but not
all; for instance, there is no CD between (for four-legged beasts) rampant
and salient, or passant and statant, but there is between passant and
rampant, etc etc.

* So, here's a question for you:

Per bend Or and vert, two dolphins counterchanged
Per bend Or and vert, a tower and a dolphin counterchanged

Do they conflict, or not? Cite rules!


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