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Fri Aug 11 09:51:55 PDT 2006

Arrrrrrrrgggg! Pop quiz?! ;-) Thank God it's open book :-p


I believe that Per bend Or and vert, a tower and a dolphin counter-changed
is NOT in conflict with
Per bend Or and vert, two dolphins counter-changed
because of
RfS X.4.iii.e

*e. Type Changes* - Significantly changing the type of any group of charges
placed directly on the field, including strewn charges or charges overall,
is one clear difference.

*Changing the type of at least half of the charges in a group is one clear
difference*. Types of charges considered to be separate in period, for
example a lion and an heraldic tyger, will be considered different. A charge
not used in period armory will be considered different in type if its shape
in normal depiction is significantly different. This means a lion would not
be clearly different from a puma. Separate differences may be obtained from
changing the types of charges in different charge groups. Changing *Vert, a
pale between two lions argent and a chief Or* to *Vert, a fess between two
horses argent and a chief Or* produces two separate differences. Since the
edge partition line of a charge is part of its type, the change from *a pale
wavy* to *a pale embattled* is one clear difference. Changing from *a pale
wavy* to *a fess embattled* is also one change of type, not a change of type
plus a change of edge partition.

(crosses fingers but believes she got it correct!)

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