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> I think the operative word there is PAST. Society rules (from 
> what I have been told) have really tightened up over time. 
> The fact that its been 17 years since one passed (not been 
> submitted. I would be interested to know if any have been 
> submitted since) would indicate to me that its hard if not 
> impossible to document a panda as a medieval charge, much 
> like an armadillo or pronghorn antelope.

Quibble:  Armadillo were "known" in Europe well before the 1600ce
cut-off, in the form of the "shell" baskets if not other pictorial and
descriptive representations.  (Map inset illustrations, etc.)

"In 1528,Cabeza de Vaca, a shipwrecked Spaniard, was the first European
to walk across Texas and by 1542, he published in his journal Los
Naufragios a description of territory, plant and animal life, and the
numerous Indian tribes." http://members.tripod.com/aries46/lonestar.htm
(English translation available via
http://xroads.virginia.edu/%7EMA04/ranger/devaca/ -- while describing
the opossum without giving that name, and the American bison likewise,
on a quick review I did not see a specific description that I linked to
the armadillo...)

Further, the Brown University John Carter Brown Library Archive of Early
American Images gives four sources pre-1600 and another five published
in the "grey area" with armadillo images or descriptions. Consider esp.
the 1574 woodcut of "EL ARMADILLO" ... (I apologize for not being ale to
provide a direct link to the image; start from here:
and select the Archive of Early American Images)

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