[ANSTHRLD] Dressing up in the new finery

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Tue Aug 29 16:09:04 PDT 2006

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> Subject: [ANSTHRLD] Dressing up in the new finery
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> I became the proud keeper of a few goodies last night - a couple of tabards
> (I just LOVE playing dressup!) and two sashes. Now,...I can figure out what
> to do with the tabards, but the sashes are leaving me in a bit of a
> quandry...
> The next sash is blue, with a circular badge, about shoulder height, that
> has teardrop/raindrop on it. I do not remember at the moment if the
> teardrop/raindrop is white or blue. I believe it is blue and that the badge
> is white. What does this stand for, and when would this be worn?
> Any information on either of these would be greatly appreciated.
> In Service,
> Luciana
Definately, the blue is a waterbearers baldric, for wearing when on duty. 
You can find the badge of the waterbearers insignia, under the Ansteorran officers page, under
chirurgeons.  Officially the regalia is: 
"Argent on goute azure voided a goute azure a bordure azure."

Cheers, Hillary Greenslade
Premier Ansteorran Waterbearer

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