[ANSTHRLD] Dressing up in the new finery

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 29 16:19:14 PDT 2006

Clare said: 
"Baldrics are more of an SCA invention.  But they are generally worn while on duty."

Yep, baldrics were sorta an 'abreviated tabard', as in Ansteorra we found that adding an extra
layer of anything was just tooooo darned much, and added to the heat, so we converted from tabards
to the baldric majority.  Waterbearers started with tabards, but quickly switched to baldrics;
even as many other kingdoms use baldrics for heralds, marshals, baronial guards - variety of
identifiers, as well as Masters of Arms who wear a white baldric in lieu of a white belt. 

As for the extra Waterbearer Baldric, your local waterbearer will surely put it to good use.  If
she has one already, she can use this extra one as a loaner for volunteers working your next

Cheers, Hillary

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