[ANSTHRLD] Trying to reach Maria Asterisk

Christine/Maria casadevaca at charter.net
Wed Aug 30 13:47:25 PDT 2006

replied to privately...

tmcd at panix.com wrote:
> I sent e-mail twice to Maria Cabeca de Vaca / Christine Huse, about
> information that's supposed to go into the next LoAR Cover Letter.
> I've gotten no reply.  I then called the number listed for her under
> Retiarius in the latest printed roster, and also in the just-sent CoA
> roster.  A man answered, and he said that I had indeed reached 361 232
> 1754, but there was no Christine Huse at that number.
> So,
> - does anyone have a working phone number for Maria Asterisk?
> - does anyone know how I can reach her with the questions that I'd
>   like her to answer?
> Please reply directly to tmcd at panix.com, not just replying to the
> list, in case there's personal information in your reply.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> This was the last message I sent her:
> On Monday evening, I sent you a question:
>> I'm doing the Roster Updates section of the next Laurel LoAR Cover
>> Letter.
>> The SCA Electronic privacy policy says that we cannot put on the Web
>> your real name, address, phone number, e-mail address, or other
>> personal information without your permission.  It allows only SCA
>> name, office title, and an official SCA e-mail address.  Would you
>> like your information, or part of it, on the Webbed copy of the Cover
>> Letter?  You are not required to give that information, and if you do
>> not give permission, all that will be listed on the Web is Maria
>> Cabeca de Vaca, Asterisk Herald, asterisk at ansteorra.org.
> I want to emphasize: you don't have to allow that information on the
> Web.  Many people do not, especially the real address.
> The phone number can be useful, if someone needs to contact you
> immediately without delay -- but some people want to keep it private.
> The e-mail address can be useful, if someone needs to contact you with
> text.  Putting your e-mail address on the Web can lead to spam, but
> asterisk at ansteorra.org is already on the Web.
> It is your decision.
> But, just to be sure, I'd like your answer, yes or no.  I'd also like
> you to check the information; <privy>...</privy> encloses the
> information that will currently not be put on the Web:
>     Since Emma has become Bordure Herald, the new Asterisk Herald is
>     Maria Cabeca de Vaca <privy>(Christine Huse)</privy>, previously
>     rostered as Arbalest Herald (returns coordinator). As before, she
>     remains on the roster but she is not on the mailing list. Her
>     contact information again: <privy>6031 Sunnyside Dr, Fort Worth TX
>     76119-4479; phone 361-232-1754</privy>; e-mail
>     asterisk at ansteorra.org.
> Danihel de Lindocolina

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