[ANSTHRLD] Coronation reminder

kobrien@texas.net kobrien at texas.net
Wed Jan 11 15:43:15 PST 2006

> All of the books will be there.  In fact, I am using Coronation as a time
> for figuring out which books are going where and to whom.
> Oh what fun....
> Druinne
> Star

We had that sorted into about 4 piles in summer of '04 and I can help with 
that again if you want.

The 4 categories were:

1) consult books - often used

2) consult books - rarely used (so if the Armillary was going to a smaller 
event, you only took pile 1)

3) research books (these were not really useful at a consult table - either 
they had small, but important, problems with them or they took special skills 
to use; these were sources definitely worth keeping, but I wouldn't really 
hand them to a submitter to paw through)

4) other (this pile included old archival stuff that we didn't want to pitch 
and some sources that were problematic, but that would be used to see what a 
submitter read when they found it in their local library and used it for 
their submission)

This sort only took about an hour - the rest of the time was putting some of 
the photocopies in binders, etc.


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