[ANSTHRLD] Coronation reminder

Charles Ó Floinn Tons at raf662bravo.com
Wed Jan 11 20:29:59 PST 2006

Lady Druinne,

Will you (or someone else reading this) be able to bring a newer, revised,
checklist of books or indexes that a newer Herald should be aware of for
their use?
Sounds like the list of catagory one of the 4 would be a nice thing.

{ Charles Ó Floinn, í

tons at raf662bravo.com

Herald, Shire of Rosenfeld

Kilgore, Texas

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  All of the books will be there.  In fact, I am using Coronation as a time
for figuring out which books are going where and to whom.

  Oh what fun....


  On 1/11/06, Kathleen O'Brien <kobrien at texas.net> wrote:
    >This is a reminder that in addition to scribal activities at
    >there WILL be a heraldic consultation table running from 9am to 1pm.
    >drop by and help, even if only for an hour or two, and even if you have
    >clue how to help -- I teach! And besides, it's always fun.
    >If you think you will be able to help, PLEASE drop me an email note so
I can
    >plan accordingly.

    At this point, it's looking like I'll be able to be at Coronation and
    should be available to help out at the consultation table.

    So, my question is: what books do I need to bring?  I'm catching a ride
    will have limited space, so I can't bring anywhere near my whole

    If the Armillary library and the Asterisk library will be there (does
    anyone know if they will be?), then I should only need to bring some of
    odder sources I have.  If other folks are bringing some books, that may
    mean fewer sources I need to bring.  At minimum, I expect to bring my
    laptop for annals searches and maybe a couple of the Irish books I have.
    What books are folks planning on bringing?



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