[ANSTHRLD] Open Position - Retiarius

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okstate.edu
Mon Jan 23 15:36:02 PST 2006

This is just a quick announcement that Jayme, Retiarius Pursuivant , has 
resigned and I'm therefore in need of a replacement for him.

Until a replacement is chosen, I will be handling all the duties of 
Retiarius - so continue to email any commentary to Retiarius at ansteorra.org 
- it will come to me.

As for the position itself, mostly it needs dependable email & the ability 
to integrate multiple commentaries into one document. See the Feb Gazette 
for further requirements.*

Estrill Obelisk

*Really, it will come out *much* sooner than Jan did -- Jan was just a bad 
month this year -- coming off the holidays and only 4 work days before 
classes started here instead of the normal 8-9 days.

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