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On Tue, 24 Jan 2006 francis.schalles at ttuhsc.edu wrote:
> As it appears, his name will be in conflict barring any unusual
> circumstances.

Not "conflict": it's not that there's some other Kainin Tepesa already
registered.  The questions raised pertain to
- possible offensiveness
- possible uniqueness of the byname (did children inherit a personal
  characteristic byname like that in Romania?)
- possible appearance of presumption, claiming to be a close relative
  of a famous person

> I am attaching a GIF from the Barony of Bonwicke web site

I'm quite suprised that that actually worked.  Most mailing lists that
I'm familiar with strip or bounce attachments.  While these came
through, please don't send images to the list again (and especially
not in two copies).  You can give a URL pointing to that particular
image alone, in this case
<http://www.bonwicke.org/KaininHeraldryGB.gif> -- I got the URL via a
right-click in the Opera Web browser; other browsers might be able to
do the same thing.

Others will doubtless comment on the armory.

(For those who are interested, his persona story is

    Baron Kainin hails from Romania where he was raised by his Turkish
    mother - the Sultan's daughter and was son to a megalomaniacal
    father. Ambition, it seems, runs in the family. Kainin was for a
    time a force to be reckoned with as patriarch of a household of
    mercenaries. Now, however, his thoughts turn to the betterment of
    his Barony.

The same page also notes that the Baroness had been captured at age 10
by pirates, whose captain took a liking to her and released her at 16
with a small fortune.)

Dannet de Lyncoln
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