[ANSTHRLD] Follow up on Baron Tepesa

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I'm sure you folks know I don't often stir the pot, but I can't resist here.


I take no offense whatsoever in the name Tepes. I understand the history
from the name, and what it means, however, I find the degree of offense
minimal, and think an appeal of the precedent should be made to the college.
If the college will register names such as


Sexi Lovechild

This alternate name was registered to Roana d'Evreux in March of 2004 (via


Bonafemena del Bimbo

This alternate name was registered to Banbnat MacDermot in July of 2003 (via


Which are both period and "fun" names, then I think the college should
repeal the precedent on Tepes, because someone could just as easily be
offended by either of the two above names. 


Anyway, this is merely my opinion, flog me for it if you must




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As it appears, his name will be in conflict barring any unusual
circumstances. Therefore we will progress

with using Kainin of Bonwicke as his registered name, and proceed with a
conflict check of his device.


I am attaching a GIF from the Barony of Bonwicke web site as reference to
his desired device. 

He understands that he may have to redraw the phoenix to be more period.



I shall attempt to describe this both ways and see how many arrows I get. 

Learning can be painful. :-)


Per chevron argent, 3 crosslets fetchy (his terms) Or on chief sable,
phoenix on base gules.


Silver chevron, 3 gold crosses on a black chief background, a gold phoenix
on a base red background.



Troye de Leon

Western Cross Herald,

Barony of Bonwicke. 


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