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On Thu, 26 Jan 2006, Suren Unegen <commander at mongounegen.com> wrote:
> I am not really sure what
> to call the paw print I am just guessing here.
> The Blazon: Lozengy vert and Or, a wolf's paw track sable
> The link to see it:
> <http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c88/Rickypup/DeviceT1.jpg>

The Pic Dic says

    PRINTS -- Prints are the impressions made by either animal paws or
    human feet; they are more fully termed "pawprints" or
    "footprints".  A single example of hoofprints has been found in
    German armory; pawprints are thus accepted (though discouraged)
    for SCA use.
        While the type of animal may be blazoned, little if any
    heraldic difference is granted between various prints.  They are
    shown with the toe-marks to chief by SCA default.

Looking at that URL you gave (thanks) ... ow!  I swear my screen is
vibrating!  You need a LOT LOT fewer lozenges, like maybe four or so
across.  The exact blazon of lozengy, checky, et cetera is based on
what is touching the dexter chief point.  In this case, it's a tiny Or
snippet.  Mind you, for lozengy, checky, and other grid-like
partitions, you get no difference for the order of tinctures (no
difference between "Lozengy vert and Or" versus "Lozengy Or and
vert").  It's just a minor blazon nit.  So it's

    Lozengy Or and vert, a wolf's pawprint sable.

Conflict with
    Antonietta Zampa del Gatto (9209W):
        (Fieldless) A cat's pawprint sable.
with one CD for the field / lack of field.  Looking at her submission
form, the Brushio's statement above about difference looks to hold
here: there's a less arched pad and the middle two digits are splayed
a bit more, but I wouldn't give a difference for such minor features.
And I note from the 10/94 LoAR:

    Radbot Gunter.  Device.  Gyronny argent and gules, a pawprint sable.
       Conflict with Antonietta Zampa del Gato (SCA), A cat's pawprint
       sable.  There is one CD, for fielded vs. fieldless, but we do
       not grant difference between types of pawprint.


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