[ANSTHRLD] Device Help

Suren Unegen commander at mongounegen.com
Wed Jan 25 22:47:50 PST 2006

Hummm ok I need to get atleast 2 diffrences or is it 3?

>Conflict with
>    Antonietta Zampa del Gatto (9209W):
>        (Fieldless) A cat's pawprint sable.
>with one CD for the field / lack of field.  Looking at her submission
>form, the Brushio's statement above about difference looks to hold
>here: there's a less arched pad and the middle two digits are splayed
>a bit more, but I wouldn't give a difference for such minor features.
>And I note from the 10/94 LoAR:
>    Radbot Gunter.  Device.  Gyronny argent and gules, a pawprint sable.
>       Conflict with Antonietta Zampa del Gato (SCA), A cat's pawprint
>       sable.  There is one CD, for fielded vs. fieldless, but we do
>       not grant difference between types of pawprint.
>Ddaned dde Lyngoln

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Suren Unegen (Majestic Fox)
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