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Wed Jan 25 23:09:31 PST 2006

On Thu, 26 Jan 2006, Suren Unegen <commander at mongounegen.com> wrote:
> Hummm ok I need to get atleast 2 diffrences or is it 3?

It depends, both on the number of differences and the types of
difference.  (For full details, you can see Rules for Submission part

If you keep a pawprint in the primary charge group, then I don't see
how you can avoid needing at least 2 CDs from Radbot ("Radbot"?!) by
RfS X.4.  If you add a different primary charge, then it might be
possible to clear Radbot ("Radbot"?!) with only one change by RfS X.1
or RfS X.2.  However, any changes might bring you into conflict with
some other design.

In your mind, what's the most important design elements?

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