[ANSTHRLD] Heraldry for kids?

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I've had good luck with the materials, but not being a good children's teacher, I can't help much with the teaching part.  If anyone interested will e-mail me, I will send it to them.  It's all in PDF format.


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Ld. Masamune in Northkeep taught a very sucessful
children's heraldry class at a wInterkingdom a couple
of years back. He is not activly playing at the
moment, but I can try to contact him about getting his
class materials. One of the items that he gave each of
the kids was a cloth bag filled with "heraldic
crayons" (crayons with new lables with the heraldic
names) that were a very big hit with the kids and the

Zahava batHannah
Northkeep herald

--- robert segrest <aumbob at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Whats this about a program for teaching children
> about
> heraldry?  I have been asked, in a general way, if I
> could find a way to teach, or have taught, a
> children's heraldry class in the fairly near future.
> I had not yet put much work into it, but had been
> letting the idea float around in what passes for my
> mind.  I had intended to ask on the list if anyone
> had
> any ideas about how I might approach this task, but
> hadn't done so yet.  But now I see mention of an
> existing program...nifty.
> Tell me more, please.
> Laszlo Nemanzelsky
> Halberd Pursuivant
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