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> He was visiting a herald's meeting when he saw a particularly ugly shield.

To be exact, he saw the bad armory on a shield on the fighting field at Gulf 
War, and came to the consulting pavilion before he even cleaned up to see if 
it was registered.  He wanted to be able to sic the Militant Arm on a specific 
person if it was.  He was somewhat molified to find that it was not.  "Well, 
we don't know who to beat on," he muttered as he dragged off, "but at least 
that trash isn't registered!"

I have a longer version of the story that I really ought to write down -- I 
was the herald  he came to in the pavilion.

And yes, Danyel, Mahdi was a scribe and the branch herald in Emerald Keep, 
Way Back When I ran a King's College there (circa 1990 -- another long story).  
As such, he scribed an AOA text on a banana (yet another long story). 

He and Valeria had also announced, when they ascended to the throne, that 
they would use the local branch herald as their herald for local court.  He was 
told that only baronial heralds had any experience at all with courts, because 
so many of his immediate predecessors has used one herald as part of their 
entourage.  Interest and training had waned drastically.  "Then you better fix 
that,"  he said.  We regarded that as a rather militant stand on encouraging 
good court heraldry.  

And to nit-pick Crandall's post, his title is al-Banana Herald (see above for 

"Auntie" Kathri
who has to go to work now instead of telling the children stories.
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