[ANSTHRLD] Re: Gulf War

Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Wed Mar 8 05:51:42 PST 2006

--- Crossflury at aol.com wrote:
> To be exact, he saw the bad armory on a shield on the fighting field at Gulf 
> War, and came to the consulting pavilion before he even cleaned up to see if 
> it was registered.  He wanted to be able to sic the Militant Arm on a specific 
> person if it was.  He was somewhat molified to find that it was not.  "Well, 
> we don't know who to beat on," he muttered as he dragged off, "but at least 
> that trash isn't registered!"

Interesting...if the device isn't registered, the militant arm can be sent after the bearer of the
bad heraldry (to attack the heraldry itself presumably, and not the bearer).  If the device is
registered, the militant arm goes after the Laurel file cabinet and the following file cabinets:
Asterisk, Arbalest, Obelisk, Retiarius, the submitter's Local Herald; as well as the submitter's
own file, and any one who may have received an ILoI, ICC, AICC, LoI, and LoAR containing any
reference to the submitted device!  Oh and Sigillarius (uploaded files and backups) to destroy all
records of the submission. :P

Maybe the militant heralds can attack the unregistered bad heraldry, and the heraldic militants
can attack the registered bad heraldry.  Then there's always the Herald's Militant Front -


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