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> --- Crossflury at aol.com wrote:
>> To be exact, he saw the bad armory on a shield on the fighting field at 
>> Gulf
>> War, and came to the consulting pavilion before he even cleaned up to see 
>> if
>> it was registered.  He wanted to be able to sic the Militant Arm on a 
>> specific
>> person if it was.  He was somewhat molified to find that it was not. 
>> "Well,
>> we don't know who to beat on," he muttered as he dragged off, "but at 
>> least
>> that trash isn't registered!"

From: "Alden Drake" <alden_drake at sbcglobal.net>
> Interesting...if the device isn't registered, the militant arm can be sent 
> after the bearer of the
> bad heraldry (to attack the heraldry itself presumably, and not the 
> bearer).  If the device is
> registered, the militant arm goes after the Laurel file cabinet and the 
> following file cabinets:
> Asterisk, Arbalest, Obelisk, Retiarius, the submitter's Local Herald; as 
> well as the submitter's
> own file, and any one who may have received an ILoI, ICC, AICC, LoI, and 
> LoAR containing any
> reference to the submitted device!  Oh and Sigillarius (uploaded files and 
> backups) to destroy all
> records of the submission. :P
> Maybe the militant heralds can attack the unregistered bad heraldry, and 
> the heraldic militants
> can attack the registered bad heraldry.  Then there's always the Herald's 
> Militant Front -
> Alden

"He's daft, I tell you! Utterly daft!"

(If we can't have fun with our hobbies, why keep them?)


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