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On Mon, 11 Sep 2006, Mike C. Baker <kihebard at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Francois, if there is anything particular that may have been missed
> it may be a matter of modern militaria or gaming materials that have
> not been established as "important non-SCA armory"

I don't see any example of any design from a game being considered for
protection since January 1996:

    Modric Deodatus.  Device.  Or, a chevron between three mullets in
    chief and a dragon passant gules.

        This had been pended from the November 1995 Laurel meeting for
        a discussion (caused by the submission of Annais Eleanor de
        Montgomerie, registered above) of the importance and
        recognizability of the arms of Stafford, Or, a chevron gules,
        based primarily on its inclusion in the game Kingmaker.  The
        consensus of those commenting was that the game is not
        sufficiently pervasive in the SCA that the arms appearing in
        it should be protected by the College.

Military insignia have not been protected for more than a decade.

I'd say not to bother with modern military insignia or gaming

Danyll de Lincoln
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