[ANSTHRLD] More Darts and perhaps even some rocks to be thrown!

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> Ave,
> I have heeded your advice and converted the checky gules and 
> sable to per pale gules and sable.
> I don't know if this will clear the contrast issue, but since 
> it has been registered in the past I feel more secure about 
> it. Also I have taken the high road and not used sinister as
> a fix.  I checked the per pale design with a bordure but
> there were conflicts. So what I have is this,
> Per pale, gules and sable, an elephant rampant argent within 
> an orle argent.
> Red and black field split from top to bottom, red to the 
> left, black to the right as seen
> by the opponent. White elephant on hind legs within a white orle.
> Have I interpreted this correctly? Did I miss something?
Elephant being clear of Hippopotamus, probably not in SCA armory anyway.
Clear of the primary badge of the Order of the Elephant (important
non-SCA) by my reckoning.

Francois, if there is anything particular that may have been missed it
may be a matter of modern militaria or gaming materials that have not
been established as "important non-SCA armory" -- this portrayal of an
elephant is suspiciously similar to a number of shoulder patches used by
real-life, or attributed to fictional, military units *IF* my memory
isn't total Emmenthaler.  

(In other, more encouraging, words:  as long as there isn't a breach of
modern trademark / copyright, "good to go".  However, I'd double-check
with your friendly neighborhood Battletech & militaria mavens before
submitting the current design... I Could Of Course Be Wrong, but I know
what *I* personally would do as part of due diligence in this case.)

BTW, it should probably be Roc and not Rock being tossed around...

Adieu, Amra / ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe (Mike C. Baker)
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