[ANSTHRLD] More Darts and perhaps even some rocks to be thrown!

Tomas Niallagain siortomas at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 06:46:21 PDT 2006

Thank you Daniel,
   When ever I have had to tell a client "nope you can't do that"  they
don't want to here "because rule X.Y says you can't", I learned that years
ago when I was still new to the sca and heraldry.  My clients tend to want
the actual whys of the rules so they can then submit passable heraldry.
Since we are supposed to educate as well as process paperwork, I like to
know the reasoning behind the rules.



> The reason behind the reason is because the rule tends to fit period
> practice.  I believe I could find "per pale color and color" in period
> rolls of arms, but I would likely have a much harder time finding
> "checky color and color".
> But the reason behind the reason BEHIND the reason is, I strongly
> suspect, exactly what you wrote: period people found it too hard to
> see gyronny or whatever of two colors or of two metals, but not so
> when there were few divisions.  So period people did it very rarely,
> and as a result, we don't allow it at all.
> I hope I'm not too confusing, or too wordy, or too pedantic.
> Sometimes I'm annoying or scary.
> Danel "grrr, put 'em up, put 'em up" Lion
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