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Nobody touched there?  Huh.

On Sun, 10 Sep 2006 prudencecurious at netscape.net wrote:
> 1) One gentle would like a silhouette of a howling wolf's head in
>    profile on a badge. Is this possible as heraldic device and how
>    would it be blazoned?

"A wolf's head ululant".  "Ululant" is a step from period practice,
and is only barely allowed for canines.  From the 6/04 Laurel LoAR:

  Chiere wreic Maredudd. Device. Gules chap{e'} ploy{e'} vair, a stag
  statant head elevated argent.

      This position of the head has been disallowed for any beasts
      except canines. 'While we allow wolves and foxes to be ululant,
      the head posture is an SCA invention. It is possible that had
      the head posture been introduced today we would not allow it.
      Allowing ululant wolves is a step beyond period practice;
      allowing anything but canines to use the position is two steps
      beyond period practice and therefore grounds for return' (LoAR
      December 2000, quoted on LoAR February 2002, p. 2)

So, if your client is at all interested in period style, I would ask
them to use a period design.  There are period styles of depicting
heads: couped, erased, couped close, affronty, caboshed, off the top
of my head.  (Sorry.)  (No, actually I'm not sorry.)

> 2) Another gentle will be submitting the following device: Quarterly
>    argent and vert, in bend two lozenges gules.
>   (the upper left and lower right square are silver with red diamonds
>   and the upper right square and lower left square are green)
> I am amazed something this simple will pass, but I have done a check
> on the online o&a and it seems the case. The question is, will this
> pass and is the blazon correct?

Thank you so much for the description in words.  Assuming that "upper
left" and the other directions refer to "as seen by someone looking at
the shield", then the blazon is correct and I see no reason for style

    Onóra Refsdóttir
    August of 2003 (via the Middle):
    Per fess sable and argent, two lozenges gules fimbriated argent
    and a fox passant proper.

1 CD for the field.  1 CD for changing number of primary charges.  Clear.

I didn't notice anything else that close.  I also checked LoARs from
January thru June 2006 for lozenges, fusil, and passion -- no hits
there either.  So it looks clear.

Has the client colored the device and looked at it for a bit?  Red and
green are often considered Christmas-y in our culture.

Dankyn de Linccolne
Tim McDaniel; Reply-To: tmcd at panix.com

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