[ANSTHRLD] Questions from Emerald Keep

prudencecurious@netscape.net prudencecurious at netscape.net
Thu Sep 14 05:06:38 PDT 2006

 >So, if your client is at all interested in period style, I would askthem to use a period design. There are period styles of depictingheads: couped, erased, couped close, affronty, caboshed, off the topof my head. (Sorry.) (No, actually I'm not sorry.)
 Thank you. I will let him know.
 >Has the client colored the device and looked at it for a bit? Red and green are often considered Christmas-y in our culture.
 Yes, she has, and amazingily the device does not look Christmas-y. It brings a tear to my eye how beautiful and beautifully simple the heraldry is.
 >Dankyn de Linccolne
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