[ANSTHRLD] Announcing Event Court Awards

nweders@mail.utexas.edu nweders at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Sep 26 05:58:43 PDT 2006

>A bit of IKA that may be of interest along these lines: Aethelmearc
>award reports (at least on-line) include recognition of the scribes for
>the individual scrolls.  Perhaps somewhat expected from their custom of
>every scroll being an original... NO, I am *not* suggesting that part
>for Ansteorran practice. While most Ansteorran award presentations do
>include verbal acknowledgement of the illuminator, what I intend to
>point out here is the chronicling of which-to-whom.

Ah, are they scroll or are they charters?  If scrolls then I agree, but we 
give out very few scrolls and a vast amount of charters.  Are you giving 
credit who did the original artwork on the charter or the colorist? And I 
have to say if you are giving credit to the illuminator why not the scribe 
as well.  I agree if someone does an impressive work and an original scroll 
then perhaps more attention should be paid, but I think that giving credit 
to the colorist of the charter would only lengthen the court.

It does make one pause however.


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