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Mike C. Baker kihebard at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 26 04:52:46 PDT 2006

> Of late, I've noticed few folks posting on the Ansteorran 
> lists, who got what awards during court at such-n-such event, 
> and I'm realizing that I'm missing that.  As an added 
> advantage to sharing the news, our Sable Scroll has prepared 
> all those scrolls for the event, they do like to know if they 
> were all given out publicly; and while it's not official, 
> online listings can help Zodiacus confirm the reports that 
> they receive, if any discrepancies. 
> So a request to all local heralds to remember to make sure an 
> award listing is posted on the Ansteorran e-mail lists, if 
> possible.  It's not an 'official' duty to post e-mail, but 
> it's sure fun to see our friends getting recognized when we 
> weren't able to attend. 
> Thanks, Hillary, Signet

A bit of IKA that may be of interest along these lines: Aethelmearc
award reports (at least on-line) include recognition of the scribes for
the individual scrolls.  Perhaps somewhat expected from their custom of
every scroll being an original... NO, I am *not* suggesting that part
for Ansteorran practice. While most Ansteorran award presentations do
include verbal acknowledgement of the illuminator, what I intend to
point out here is the chronicling of which-to-whom.

Scroll texts also tend to be more customized under the Aethelmearc
system, even at "lower" award levels, thus any given scroll may have
three or more acknowledgements (scrivener, illuminator, composer).

Still "on sojourn" in western Aethelmearc
(and tentatively acting as deputy to the herald's office in the Shire of
Kings Crossing)

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