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Greetings – Arabella here,
  Thank you Alden for digging – my turn for still further digging
  At Elfsea Defender Their Excellancies Steppes asked for time in court to do some business.  
  This is what I believe happened:
  The award they were speaking of was the ‘Thread of the Steppes’.  I have copied a missive from Master Robin of Gilwell explaining the history of this award.  Thank you Master Robin for your attention to detail.  
  In this missive below he states that they read this at the Steppes business meeting.
  If I can draw all your attention to some very fine print that most of us usually overlook at the bottom of the Black Star Calendar page which reads:
  “This is the complete Calendar of Events for the Kingdom of Ansteorra as of 
..insert date
.. Only those events listed above, whose times and locations have been published in this newsletter, may be the site of activities where actions of long-term significance may take place.”
  Having said that, a Steppes business meeting does not qualify as an official event for such awards to take place.  Therefore they asked for time in Elfsea’s Court to make it official.  
  HL Arabella
  Zodiacus Herald
  retired Kingdom Calendar Girl

Subject: [Steppes] History of the Order of the Tread of the Steppes -- 

And its final member

Before there was a kingdom of Ansteorra, ...

Before there was a principality of Ansteorra, ...

Before there was a region of Ansteorra, ...

Before there was a barony of the Steppes, ...


There was the March of the Steppes.  It was the first shire in what 

would someday become Ansteorra.  And uniquely for a shire, it had an actual armigerous shire Order -- the Tread of the Steppes.  (And it will stay unique.  It is now illegal for an SCA shire to have an official Order.)


It was opened in 1973 by the Crown of Atenveldt.

It was closed in 1975 by Baron Aulus Allemanius Draconis when we became 

a barony.

It was re-opened in 1982 by Baroness Aureliane Rioghail as a baronial 

Order for those who had served since the days of the shire.

It was closed in 1988 by Baron Robin of Gilwell and Baroness Adelicia



It is an extremely rare award, for very few people qualify for it.


Most of the above I learned as ancient Steppes history, for I never saw 

the March, or the first few years of the barony.


There is only one active person left in the Barony of the Steppes who

remembers that time -- Lady Isobel des Tourelles de Seine.  She alone 

has lived here throughout the history of the Barony.


Tonight at baronial business meeting, Baron Mahdi and Baroness Valeria, 

with the permission of King Aaron and Queen Britta, re-opened the Tread of the Steppes to make Lady Isobel the final Companion of the Tread of the Steppes.


She has been given an honor that very few have earned, and that none 

other can ever receive.

    Richard of Mont Royal

    La Ranna

    John of the Rudder

    Allemanius Draconis

    Aureliane Rioghail

    Lloyd von Eaker

    Leo Exiter the Wanderer

    Anne-Louise of Blue Castle

    Willow de Wisp

and now ... Isobel des Tourelles de Seine


Vivat Isobel!

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin
  On Tue, 26 Sep 2006, Luciana Caterina di Boniface
> They petitioned Aaron and Britta for permission to open the award so
> that they could induct this Lady into the order.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot? The award is owned by the Steppes; it's in the
gift of the baron and baroness; Corpora gives baronies the right to
create and award non-armigerous awards without let or hinderance.

Oh, it's so damned annoying when non-heralds meddle in heraldry ...
um, why are you laughing so hard?

This takes a bit more digging I'm afraid.
Corpora grants B&Bs authority to *bestow* a baronial service award, not to approve them. We underwent this not long ago in Stargate. Baronies are only allowed to have one Baronial Service Order open at any time, so Their Excellencies Stargate (Godwin & Ellissena) had to temporarily close the Sodality to re-open the Misty Star, so they could award it to Mistress Shanahan the Fey. The Misty Star was then closed and the Sodality re-opened. This was done with the consent of Their Majesties Patrick Michael V and Julia V. I'm pretty sure we (I was Baronial Herald at the time) consulted with Master Robin at that time as well.

>From Corpora, Section VIII.B.5. "Only royalty and territorial Barons and Baronesses may bestow awards. If an award is established for a specific branch, only the royalty or Baronage of that branch may bestow the award, unless the power is specifically delegated in a manner consistent with Corpora and kingdom law and custom." 

>From Kingdom Law, Section X.2.A. "The Crown reserves the right to itself to create and revise any and all Ansteorran awards, honors, and orders, and approve baronial service orders."

In service,
Alden Drake
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