[ANSTHRLD] If Whole when Part? A CD Question

Robert Wade logiosophia at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 5 15:42:57 PST 2007

Britt <tierna.britt at gmail.com> wrote:    > Don't have a clue how to search these questions for precedents:

Tec teach! :)

.... Laurel precedents are categorized, for the most part, like the
Ordinary index, so you can find the relevant precedents under 'Leg and Jambe' and 'Head'. Just use the contents. In a pinch, many precedents also have an index at the end so if your category isn't in the contents, try the index.
  Thanks for the guidline to content organization.
    .... We give no difference between an eagle's jamb and a dragon's jamb.  [However] the default for a dragon's jamb is claws up and the default for an eagle's jamb is claw's down.... (Barony of One Thousand Eyes, 4/98 p. 19)
  Reductio ad absurdum :)
    ... I would bet on X.2. substiatial difference between an eagle's
leg, a horse's leg and a lion's jambe. I have no proof of any of
these, however. I'm simply applying logic.

- Teceangl
  Cogito ergo blazon?

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