[ANSTHRLD] Viking/Finnish name researching

John Moore iaenmor at swbell.net
Mon Dec 10 13:15:06 PST 2007

Old Norse comes from the northern split of Proto-Germanic.  Finnish if 
part of the  Finno-Ugric family of languages and is not very similar to 
Old Norse at all.  It is spoken some in Sweden and Norway just as 
Swedish if an official language of Finland.  There has been a sizable 
group of Swedes who have lived in Finland for a very long time so I 
would imagine there is some mixing.  Without documentation I would say 
it would be a weirdness.  Alden if you need a hand let me know and I 
will see what I can dig up for you. 


kobrien at texas.net wrote:
> Q
>> My question is: Is there a weirdness between Viking (Norse) names and 
>> Finnish names? There's obviously a temporal weirdness between these two 
>> names. I just want to avoid a second weirdness.
> I would expect there to be a lingual weirdness between Old Norse and 
> Finnish.  I'm rusty on that area, but I think they aren't even in the same 
> language group (Old Norse -> Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish, but not Finnish).
> What would probably work would be to find a later version of <Oddr> - maybe 
> something in swedish or Danish.  That would eliminate the temporal disparity 
> and leave only the lingual one.  I have Lind Dopnamn at home and can see if 
> there is anything helpful in there, if you want.  
> Mari
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