[ANSTHRLD] Viking/Finnish name researching

kobrien at texas.net kobrien at texas.net
Mon Dec 10 10:55:41 PST 2007

> My question is: Is there a weirdness between Viking (Norse) names and 
> Finnish names? There's obviously a temporal weirdness between these two 
> names. I just want to avoid a second weirdness.

I would expect there to be a lingual weirdness between Old Norse and 
Finnish.  I'm rusty on that area, but I think they aren't even in the same 
language group (Old Norse -> Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish, but not Finnish).

What would probably work would be to find a later version of <Oddr> - maybe 
something in swedish or Danish.  That would eliminate the temporal disparity 
and leave only the lingual one.  I have Lind Dopnamn at home and can see if 
there is anything helpful in there, if you want.  


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