[ANSTHRLD] Help please - Conflict check for "Gyronny sable andOr, a wolf rampant holding a key azure"

Jennifer Smith jds at randomgang.com
Wed May 2 14:28:54 PDT 2007

Tecangle wrote:
> Do be honest with the submitter.  This could be a problem. It is
> probably not period style. It might be returned for having the same
> charge on the field in two different charge groups. Or it might pass.
> But until it's in Wreath's hands along with the collected commentary
> of the College of Arms commenters and a ruling is made on the basis of
> that information, no one can predict the outcome. Which means your
> client will likely wait 8 months to know for certain.

Make that closer to 11 months, taking on three months for the kingdom
internal submissions process, but yes.

> (If it's returned in kingdom, appeal IMMEDIATELY, by the way. There is
> no evidence that it can be returned without a clear Laurel ruling on
> this particular design and to return on speculation at kingdom is
> unacceptable since no clear grounds for return can be presented.)

Kingdom is listening, and doesn't generally return stuff without a clear
Laurel ruling or other obvious rule violation. At most I may need a nudging
during internal commentary to remind me....

The less precedent diving I have to do myself, the better. :)

-Emma Bordure

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