[ANSTHRLD] Help please - Conflict check for "Gyronny sable andOr, a wolf rampant holding a key azure"

Britt tierna.britt at gmail.com
Wed May 2 22:57:14 PDT 2007

Emma said:
> >[...]
> > (If it's returned in kingdom, appeal IMMEDIATELY, by the way. There is
> > no evidence that it can be returned without a clear Laurel ruling on
> > this particular design and to return on speculation at kingdom is
> > unacceptable since no clear grounds for return can be presented.)
> Kingdom is listening, and doesn't generally return stuff without a clear
> Laurel ruling or other obvious rule violation. At most I may need a nudging
> during internal commentary to remind me....
> The less precedent diving I have to do myself, the better. :)

<heh>  That's why we specialists survive.

If anyone wants me to write an ILoc about this or anything, just ask.
Feel free to quote from my postings, as well. (If I'd've known who was
Bordure, I'd not have worried.)

But frankly, I don't feel good about the submission's chances.
However, I am not Wreath, I am not Laurel, and I am not actively
commenting currently in the CoA (but can get comments through if
needed) so this is not my call.  It's Laurel's.  Which is why I'm
adamant about sending it through. :)

- Teceangl

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