[ANSTHRLD] Blazon advice

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Wed May 2 15:01:01 PDT 2007

I ma thankfull that everone has responded. However I guess my followup email 
didn't make it to the list. The carp are naiant not uriant.

Thanks again


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> > Azure, two roaches uriant on a chief engrailed argent an arrow vert.
>Azure, two roach rish urinant and on a chief engrailed argent an arrow 
>Connective conjunctions make the blazon flow better.
>Stylewise this is fine - color field with metal charges, standard
>posture, etc.  The one and only roach was registered in 1980 and was
>called a 'roach fish', which is why I changed the blazon. If it's for
>a cant, it'll likely be kept providing something in the depiction
>makes them actually roaches, otherwise you might get a blazon change.
>Fish are excellent canting charges because there are so many different
>I checked for conflict, as well.  This armory qualifies for X.2. with
>only two types of charge lying directly on the field and no overall
>charges.  Fish types get at most significant difference, but not
>substantial, so that meant wading through the fish categories (pun
>blatantly intended) plus a check against fish-tailed monsters.
>I found nothing that conflicts.
>- Teceangl
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