[ANSTHRLD] Blazon advice

Britt tierna.britt at gmail.com
Thu May 3 00:45:19 PDT 2007

> I ma thankfull that everone has responded. However I guess my followup email
> didn't make it to the list. The carp are naiant not uriant.

Then some serious clarification is necessary here to figure out what
posture your fish are in.
Naiant is 'swimming' and defaults to fesswise, head to dexter.
Here's your initial attempt at blazoning this:

   "Azure, 2 roaches inverted palewise, per chief engrailed argent, an
arrow vert."

So, what's inverted and where is 'pale'?
Are the fish one above the other?
Like that?
Naiant in pale.
The 'inverted' part needs to be cleared up before we can go any
further.  Inverted being upside-down, can you tell us why you used the

And we _are_ talking about a green arrow, horizontal and pointing to
dexter (the viewer's left) on an argent chief, right?

A picture would be excellent.  Remember that if your blazon is shaky,
a plain English description is a great help.

- Teceangl

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