[ANSTHRLD] Question on a Hungarian Name

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at texas.net
Sat May 5 22:22:14 PDT 2007

At 04:36 PM 5/5/2007 -0700, you wrote:
>You'll find that Vaclav (pronounced 'vats-lav') is a
>Czech name, although you might find it used in
>Hungary, there is a lot of Czech-Hungarian crossover
>even though they are not similar languages.  I
>strongly suggest having a look at all of the articles
>on the Saint Gabriel's website for Hungarian names.

You may also want to check the Hungarian page in the Compiled Name
Precedents at:


If you search on "wife of Stefan" on that page, you'll find a precedent
that talks about how bynames were formed for women that referred to their
husband's given name.  However, that's a Hungarian language thing, so you
wouldn't be able to do it with a non-Hungarian masculine given name since
that would violate RfS III.1.a.

There is a newer ruling that I haven't run across yet when I'm updating the
CNP that explains when a surname-first construction is appropriate in
Hungarian.  I'm pretty sure it's a Margaret ruling since (1) I don't
remember writing it and (2) the next draft of the CNP (not yet available on
the Laurel website - gimme a couple more weeks) is complete through all the
rulings I wrote.

Once you have your research together, if you're looking for a final check,
you may want to think about emailing Eastern Crown herald.  Her email
address should be somewhere on the East Kingdom's website for their CoH.
Both Julia and her sister are from Hungary and she routinely comments on
Hungarian name submissions.


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