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Britt tierna.britt at gmail.com
Mon May 7 12:41:09 PDT 2007

> Ok, I wasn't too sure on that one, since I'm not familiar with the term
> "levee a pied".  How does "(Fieldless) A hedgehog rampant contourny Or" look
> with regard to conflicts?  I don't find any hedgehogs contourny, nor urchins
> contourny.  The closest I can find are two sea urchins contourny, but they
> are both clear.

B for Beast
Beast - Hedgehog

Remember that typos and odd terms get registered. It's always safer to
just check the category then rely on string searches (there are at
_least_ nine registered words that mean 'canine' and there's no
difference between breeds, so trying to remember hounds, terriers,
bratchets, etc. would be impossible - but Beast - Dog has 'em all).

74 entries. Auto-CD for fieldless. Nice and easy conflict check.

It's clear.

Oh, and I had no idea what the posture 'levee a pied' was either
before having the opportunity to look up the original emblazon once,
by the way. It could be inferred by the fact the critter's playing a
two-handed instrument that it's upright, though.  I wonder if this
one's obscure enough to get Laurel to reblazon it without an instant
case submission against which to check?  Hmmm, maybe. I'll think on
it. Wreath has plenty to do without having to reblazon junk from the
70s. :)

- Teceangl

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