[ANSTHRLD] Society Children's Officer's badge (was: badge revision)

Coblaith Mhuimhneach Coblaith at sbcglobal.net
Tue May 8 14:02:34 PDT 2007

> MOC Device.
> Seems there are three official ones and one unofficial one. . .one is 
> purple and white and no one has any clue how it got passed. . .

I'm not sure what you mean.  If you're saying you don't know who 
registered "Per pale purpure and argent, two roundels counterchanged" 
or for what purpose, it's registered to the Society as a badge for "the 
Children's Officer", having been submitted through Laurel 
<http://www.sca.org/heraldry/loar/2000/03/00-03lar.html>.  When I was 
branch MoC, the then-holder of the Society-level office (who I think 
was also the submitter of the badge) was encouraging its general use by 
youth officers at all levels, in all kingdoms.  The idea was to create 
a symbol people would recognize at events, even outside their own 

> Someone has emailed my office asking if they can merge the MOC device 
> with their local group device to make a badge.

I don't know about that one, but you can tell them local display of the 
Society badge is appropriate, as that's what was intended when it was 

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Barony of Bryn Gwlad
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